Privacy Policy

Geoserviceengineering AD, UIC 115284917 with registered office and address of management Asenovgrad, 19 Sava Katrafilov Str., or tel. +359 331 67443 (hereinafter referred
to as "Administrator"). The Administrator operates in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27
April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

  1. The Administrator collects and processes personal data in connection with the use of the website in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR)

  2. The Administrator collects and processes personal data provided by Users in connection with the use of the website, including for statistical purposes and protection of
    information security;

  3. The Administrator shall observe the following principles in the processing of personal data: legality, good faith and transparency; restriction of processing purposes; relevance to the
    purposes of processing and minimizing the data collected; accuracy and timeliness of data; limitation of storage in order to achieve the objectives; integrity and confidentiality of the
    processing and ensuring an appropriate level of security of personal data.

  4. The Administrator does not collect or process personal data that reveal racial or ethnic origin; disclose political, religious or philosophical beliefs or trade union membership; genetic and
    biometric data, health data or data on sexual life or sexual orientation.

  5. The Administrator does not perform automated decision-making with data.

  6. Access to the website can be done through Google and other search engines, as well as through social networks - Facebook, Instagram and others. The website can
    integrate social media services (eg social media messages) through which users can communicate with the website. The website maintains social media accounts and may offer
    applications on various social media sites. Each time a user accesses the website through social media, the provider of the respective social media may allow the User to share information.
    If the User chooses to share, he will be informed by the social media provider what information will be shared with us. For example, when accessing a website through a social media
    account, certain information (as permitted by the social media provider) may be shared.

  7. When using the website from the Users the Administrator receives information from log files (set of system information about the user): IP address; ISP (Internet Service
    Provider); the browser that the user uses when visiting the website (eg Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox); the time the user has spent on the website and which pages of
    the site have been visited.

  8. The website uses Google Analytics - a web service provided by Google for the compilation of detailed statistics for website visitors. The statistics are collected on Google's server and
    used by the Administrator for the purpose of analyzing traffic and improving the efficiency of the website. The website may use information from social media, in particular facebook about
    the user, for the purposes of this website, as well as for advertising and promotion of the website. The consent for the provision of this information is given by the Users to the respective
    social media.

  9. The Administrator also uses the so-called Cookies. Cookies are a small amount of information that a web server sends to a web browser, allowing the server to collect feedback from the
    browser. More information about the types of cookies used by the Administrator and the purposes for which he uses cookies can be found in the Cookie Policy.

  10. The Administrator shall keep the personal data, which it is necessary to keep by virtue of the applicable legislation for the respective envisaged term.

  11. The Administrator does not provide the personal data of the Users to third parties, except for the cases when such provision is obligatory by law.

  12. The Administrator does not transfer personal data to third parties.

  13. In case of violation of the rights of the Users, mentioned above or provided for in the applicable legislation for personal data protection, the Users have the right to file a complaint to the
    Commission for Personal Data Protection with registered office and address: Sofia 1592, bul. . „Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov ”No 2, Phone: 02 915 3 518, Website: