Bored Piles

GSE offer Bored Piles as an ideal solution for noise, vibration and environmentally sensitive sites for both load bearing piles and excavation support. Suitable for all soil conditions, the pile type is fast to install and poses limited risk to adjacent structures. A bored pile is a cast in-situ concrete pile where the bored pile has to be cast in the borehole on the construction site.

Bored piles can be executed as:
  • CFA piles (Continuous Flight Auger)

  • FDP piles (Full Displacement Piles)

  • FOW piles (Front of Wall)

  • Kelly piles

Aside from building foundation piles, the bored piling method is also used to form contiguous and secant bored pile walls for earth retention. The FOW method is a noiseless execution method with no vibrations and can be used in even the most challenging soil conditions which would otherwise require hard pile driving. Boring is carried out to the required depth by means of either a crawler crane-mounted rotary boring unit or a purpose-built hydraulic drilling machine. In unstable soil strata, GSE would use bentonite fluid to assist in stabilising the bore especially in large diameter deeper piles. This also allows the insertion of heavy reinforced steel cages. Depending on the casing or lining that is used, permanent or temporary casing may be used for supporting the pile.

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