Dewatering Systems

When a client is to build in an area with a high water table, it might be necessary to carry out Groundwater Lowering in order to prevent significant groundwater seepage into the excavation and to ensure stability of excavation side slopes and base.

GSEs extensive range of equipment comprises several types of drilling rigs with different kinds of drilling methods. They are able to carry
out drillings with filters in diameters ranging from 150 to 400mm.
In connection with the drilling work, GSE also take soil samples.

After the drilling work, the filter well is cleaned and a pumping test is carried out. The test results are monitored, stored and then processed in specially developed software determining the efficiency and transmissivity of the filter well.

GSE carries out all types of works in connection with groundwater lowering including filter, bleeding and monitoring wells, reinfiltration systems and well points. The specialists of GSE’s design department carry out calculation of the expected water volumes and are well placed to provide a complete design and installation service to control the groundwater problems at a given site.

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