Plovdivtsi Dam

Plovdivtsi dam grouting curtain
Plovdivtsi, Bulgaria
Glavbolgarstroy Infrastructure Construction AD
05.2015 – 04.2016

Project overview

Geoservice Engineering was invited to execute a grouting curtain for the dam wall at Plovdivtsi Dam. It was a successful project.


In the very beginning of the preliminary site check, the biggest challenges in front of the Geoservice Engineering team are the high inclined banks on both sides of the future dam wall (48 - 54  from the horizontal line) on which the drilling activities must be performed, also moving of the drill rig up & down the banks in the needed order.


The nature of the terrain forced the team to make a decision for construction of a special hydraulic platform, which can travel up and down the bank, carrying the drill rig. September 2015 marked the beginning of the project, and after a successful functionality test, the first drilling & grouting works were started.


Geoservice Engineering AD manage to achieve productivity of 1 hole x 32m deep /day, as for every 5m of development the in hole equipment is extracted, followed by a packer instalment & 20min Lugeon test. The mentioned solutions & actions allowed Geoservice Engineering AD to successfully finish the project before the required deadline, providing the client’s comfort and security.

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