Water Wells

Water. It is one of the most important elements on Earth. The most common approach for extracting underground water recources is the construction of water wells. There are different types of water wells, as large part of them are subject to our core business. They can be executed in a wide range of diameters, depths and performance, starting from small diameter and depth for the needs of private houses and small businesses, to the construction of group systems of drilling wells for water supply of cities, villages, different types of complexes and large business that needs huge amounts of fresh water.


Construction of water wells with different depths and diameters, for industrial and domestic purposes.


We perform drilling for fresh and thermal mineral waters with depths and diameters according to the requirements of the client, taking into account the technical parameters of each particular project.

We offer complete equipment and maintenance of water intake facilities for fresh and thermal mineral groundwater. Geoservice Engineering AD performs many types of non-standard projects, for which the parameters are defined by our customers. In these cases we always come to productive decision following a discussion.

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